30 de ago. de 2014


Swift recruta DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS para trabalhar em empresas de Óleo e Gás, com escritório localizado na Barra, Rio de Janeiro/RJ:

This professional is responsible for the overall management of both Projects and Operations departments, ensuring organizational efficiency and efficacy in addition to attainment of economic results.


·         Manage all phases of respective projects form purchase order to final delivery to ensure pre-established  timeline, costs, cash flow, quality, client satisfaction and environmental standards are being met;

·         Develop relationships between consortium partners, establishing clear guidelines for improved resource utilization and conflict resolution;

·         Provide strategic support to project managers and all related departments facilitating the attainment of desired final results;

·         Contribute to increase in sales volume by capitalizing on organizational strengths and market opportunities;

·         Oversea logistics and service provider contracts, while optimizing the use of organizational resources;

·         Develop and enforce department wide policies and practices, while maintaining flexibility to promote interdepartmental communication and cooperation;

·         Establish long-term strategic aliances with suppliers to guarantee their compliance with organizational policies and practices;

·         Foster the development of the department’s human capital and build a healthy team rapport to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote a learning environment.


·         Strong analytical and decision making skills;

·         Motivated, reliable and devoted;

·         Business oriented.


·         Degree in Engineering;

·         Strong experience with Construction and Oil & Gas industries;

·         Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Interessados encaminhar o CV com o assunto DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS para: olivia.andrade@swiftwwr.com

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