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OR&A ENGINEER (production/maintenance)

Swift recruits OPERATIONS READINESS & ASSURANCE ENGINEER for Multinational Operator in Oil and Gas industry based in Rio de Janeiro.
Experience and Qualifications required
- Seasoned operations professional with solid years of production / maintenance experience, project execution, field start-ups, and/or project supervision (e.g. commissioning).
- Thorough knowledge of offshore operations, with experience in subsea operations and flow assurance.
Principal Accountabilities
The Operations Readiness & Assurance Engineer is responsible for ensuring the Company assets projects have properly incorporated operational requirements into all phases of project development, that projects deliver on their original promises (in terms of production, cost, life-cycle reliability & availability) and that they are fully ready for handover to the ‘Operate’ phase.

This role is responsible for developing and executing operational readiness plans aligned with company best practices; working with asset operations and project teams to design, build, commission, Start-up and handover. Responsibilities include:

- New projects readiness cognisent of Asset specific contractual relations:
-- To perform to agreed design standards, as verified through FAT and SIT; commissioning, start-up plans and operating guidelines.
-- Ensure processes are ready, fit for purpose and aligned with agreed standards and aspirations.
-- Ensure people are ready, in numbers, and competencies, to operate and maintain the system as intended.
-- Ensure support services and contracts are ready, aligned with life cycle cost management strategies and supportive of value preservation.
-- Execute key deliverables as per company guidelines and standards.
- Responsible for soliciting input from all stakeholders and effective interface management.
- Forecast and track the CAPEX portion for OR&A and assure the Operational Readiness aspects of projects are completed.
- Develop and validate OPEX and availability estimates for the project.
- Champion operability studies during design and conduct operational review post start-up.
- Commitment to health, safety and protection of the environment by demonstrating safe work practices, schedule specific HSE related site visits, actively participate in safety meetings .
- Develop and implement work processes that drive continuous improvement.
- Create and maintain an environment of inclusion that respects and values individual differences and is aligned with company’s core values.
Special Challenges
- International and national travel to be expected to engage with Contractors, Projects and Regional OR&A organizations.
- Offshore travel will be a pre-requisite and extended visits may be expected to meet project start-up commitments.
- Ensuring fit for purpose approach to deliver results.
- Managing Contractor interfaces.
- Effective project delivery through Contractor assurance.
- Minimizing deferment during project integration and start-up.
Candidates in accordance to the job profile must send resume in English with desired salary to rdias@swiftwwr.com (mention the position name on subject)

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